Friday, 4 November 2011

Santaii with casual long dress

i love long dress so much, its simple and comfort in ma body, just combine with a jacket, cardigan or black blazer and sweety necklace, looks gorgeous and cool for muslimah (islamic wo
woman), rite?hehe..:> :)

- black unbranded scarf
- green dress
- black RJ story leather jacket
-Triple M necklace, klik Triple-M
- black Triple M shoes

-grey unbranded hijab/scarf
- white-grey strip unbranded long dress
- black korean fashion blazer
- silver thailand gladiator flat sandals

- black unbranded scarf
- grey unbranded cotton dress
- black details shirt
- black ghaudi by gaudi legging
- grey silver Yongki Komaladi wedges

- unbranded blue scarf
- blue GAP jeans jacket
- blue long dress

by. imanis.asamanis:)

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