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BKKBN for Indonesian Demography Prob.

Palu – Sunday (19/02), The deputy of population Control from demographics and family planning agency (BKKBN) in a face to face meeting with all civil servant of BKKBN Province Central Celebes, said "when it comes to the demographics,  it’s not always about how much indonesian people?or how much indonesian population raise or grow up every year? How do we limit the number of birth? But The point is,  demographics  talks about how the quality of indonesian people. How the education of indonesian represents social and economic of indonesian people."
Indonesia with more 240 million citizens (in 2011),is the fourth largest populated country after China, India and USA in 2010. The national demographics and family planning agency chairman, DR. dr. Sugiri Syarief, MPA said that indonesian's population growth rate increases about 1.49% per year. "That means, the population increases by 3.5 million to 4 million per year," said Sugiri.

Sugiri states "the population shows a rapid increasing due to the weak implementation of the family planning program. The chairman added that, there were only 24 thousand family-planning (KB) field workers, when the idea should be 41 thousand. There are also 82 thousand villages in indonesia and in every 2 villages should be served by one official. Therefore, the family planning revitalization  becomes more important. The bkkbn is now intensifying the family planning volunteer recruitment to promote the use of contraception. (Tempo Interactive on July 15th, 2011)

If Indonesia has many qualifined residents, its large quantity will not become a big problem at all, as we have seen in USA. They have many citizens but most of all are qualify persons. To have people like that, Indonesia need to overcome some problems, such as: how to reduce the risk of baby birth so that it won’t  harm the mother and baby as well. Also how to reduce the number of abnormal births due to the lack of nutrition during the pregnancy, how to reduce the number of poor people who can not afford for well-education and decent life for their kids, how to arrange the period between baby birth now and next birth so that each kid obtains sufficient affection and attention from their parents before the next kids are delivered. Those are the main things which BKKBN has an attention for.

The most effective way to cope with some problems above are to urge the Indonesian Family to take part in the program of KELUARGA BERENCANA. It is the program to avoid the pregnancy, to arrange the number of baby birth so that each family has a good plan for their family’s life in the future. This program uses a contraception as a solution to limit the birth, in order to achieve its main general purposes, to attain the qualified Indonesian people in social, education and economic in the future.  Sugiri said that “more and more people will impact on the existence of nations”. (Fatimah ThamrinJ February 25th 2012)

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