Thursday, 7 July 2011

Jumpin' with Jumpsuit

chic, simple and comfort with jumpsuit;)

(at citos with my frend of Kalacitra Ankatan 5)
- black paris scarf
- flower jumpsuit
- blueblack GAP jeans jacket
- photo 2: white roxy bag
- photo 1: black  ankle boot
-photo 2: black guess wedges

- brown paris scarf
- brown white tartan arabic keffiyah
- brown miami beach jumpsuit
- unknown bracelet (punya dede sama nyokap)
- Triple M shoes by Triple-M
- brown bag
- brown Dior sunglasses

(this pic took in Tanjung Karang Palu, it was an amazing beach)

 Photo 1 (in a bech) dan Photo 2 (in the house and optic):
- pink hijab/scarf
- pink flower summer jumpsuit
Photo 1:
- black vintage sunglasses
- black eiger smallbag
- Triple M sandals by Triple-M 
Photo 2:
-  - blueblack GAP jeans jacket
- white wedges sandals by The Sandals

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bloging sambil nahan hasrat bok** :(

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