Saturday, 3 April 2010

my bebek 24th bday

my bebek a.k.a bacco, i met him 15 month ago and he has been the special person in my heart since 8 month ago. he makes my world so colorfull, Thx God for gimme a chance to find him in my life (dia adalah jwban doa ku slm ini:*:*). yesterday, on 03 april 2010, its his 24th bday ( and im turning 24th on 19 days ! oh noo....24 years old:-ss:O:O umm,,its not young anymore but its not too old, right:> ), i lay awake last nite, just waiting for 12 a.m to say "HAPPY BDAY" and i can only send him ma love and the best wishes, thats all i can do...hopes it was be the sweetest bday for him;) i love u bacco' (*hug*)

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12.30 a.m 04april2010

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