Wednesday, 13 October 2010

LDR ⌣♡ ⌣

Long Distance Relationship is much fun, altho sometimes feel so lonely and bored. my bf is my cousin, we live bout 5558.5 miles (he was studied in egypt). before i decided to be his gf, i need to make up my mind, think bout de consequence. i feel comfort when i was chatted with him (by phone or chatting online). okey, i wanna share bout ldr..xixixi..check this out,

ღஜ 6 important things in ldr:
1. trust is a key issue.
2. Respect each other's privacy such as dont ask him what his email password.
3. Communication, keep in touch and keep things fun to avoid feeling drained by ldr. sometimes, we need webcam chats when communicating, seeing each other face 2 face, even though miles apart, can make ldr easier to work through.
4. be Romantic, express ur love with another way (dont be monoton), u could send a poem bout him, send ur voice recorded, love song record , sweet video or mybe funny video.
5. send gift each other in the special moment (anniversary or bday).
6. Realistic.

ஜღ 6 positive point about ldr:
1. Just an hour a day (less or more).
2. complete privacy.
3. we can spend more time with frend and family, can still hanging out with them.
4. there will never be big fights, de most u can do is bid gudbye, hang up and turn off de phone or sign out from messenger... and u'll never be disturbed.
5. we wont get slapped.
6. being appreciated more.

oct 14, 2010

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